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Mole Removal

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Safely remove unwanted moles to leave you skin smoother

Treating Moles

Are mole affecting your confidence?  We can remove unwanted mole, safely and effectively with minimum downtime.

We can remove moles using a number of methods, including laser removal, shave or excision. We will assess the the mole at your consultation to determine its size, shape and character to determine the best removal option. We can remove moles in virtually any part of the body.

Our laser removal system used energy to remove the mole. Other options include shaving the mole using a local anaesthetic. Alternatively we can also cut away the mole. This procedure is also performed under local anaesthetic and will will require a small stitch, to close the treated area.

Procedures take between 20-30 mins, and there is minimal downtime. We will also provide you with a follow-up review.

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