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non-surgical hair restoration. hair loss treatment in lancashire

Hair loss treatment: non-surgical hair restoration

Non-surgical hair restoration: Losing our hair can be one of the most upsetting and confidence-harming experiences we may have to go through in our lives.

Around 85% of men will have some form male pattern baldness by the time they reach 50 and surprisingly around 50% of women will experience hair loss by the same age.

Traditional hair transplants can cost thousands of pounds and require complex aftercare. Many people don’t realise that there are non-surgical procedures that can help to stimulate hair growth and restore the hair that was lost through genetics, illness, hormone changes, stress or a life-changing event or surgery.

At CAREFORSKIN here in Clitheroe, Lancashire, we make it our mission to bring the most innovative and effective treatments to our patients, to restore confidence and lift the spirits for happier and healthier lives. We offer a non-surgical treatment which harnesses the body’s own growth and recovery factors to encourage new hair growth in a course of treatment.

How does non-surgical hair restoration work?

When you have non-surgical treatment for hair loss here at CareForSkin, a small blood sample is taken from your arm, just the same as giving a blood sample at the doctor’s surgery. This blood is then put into a centrifuge which spins it at a very high speed; the process separates the blood into red blood cells and plasma, which contains growth factors, stimulating hair follicles!

The plasma is then injected into the area of concern, in most cases with male pattern baldness, this will be at the front or the top of the scalp; in women, around the hairline and the top of the head.

Non-surgical hair restoration is suitable for most people who experience hair loss and can produce excellent results, providing you stick to the treatment regime that is advised and follow any aftercare procedures that are given. Since your own blood is used for non-surgical hair restoration, no animal or plant derivatives are used and there is little to no chance of a reaction or side-effects.

You are fully awake during the treatment and there is no need for a general anaesthetic or overnight stay. As there are no surgical incisions, there is no stitching or scarring involved.

Recovery and non-surgical hair restoration results

After the treatment, some minimal swelling, bruising and redness can occur for 12-24 hours. Mild bruising may be noticed at the site where the needles have been inserted. This is quite normal and will subside after around 2 to 3 days.

You should start noticing the benefits and re-growth of your lost hair at around a month after the first treatment. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended for the best results with a gap of four weeks between each session.

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Hair loss doesn’t have to be something we have to put up with and if you’re not keen on the idea of surgical intervention, non-surgical hair restoration here at CAREFORSKIN could be the perfect solution to replenish and thicken your hair and help you to live more confidently every day.

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