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Body contouring with radiofrequency explained

Body contouring with Exilis Ultra: We all would like a gorgeously toned, svelte and fit looking physique, and most of us try hard to eat well and exercise regularly to stay looking good. However, when diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to ‘banish the bulge’, we may need a little helping hand to reach our goals. At CAREFORSKIN, we understand that for some of us, some hard-to-shift pockets of fat might be getting in the way of our vision for the figure we want to achieve and offer a non-surgical, clinically-proven solution to excess fat and body toning.

How our body contouring treatment works

The Exilis Ultra™ is an award-winning non-surgical, scientifically and clinically-proven device which helps to contour the body by reducing stubborn areas of fat. Not only that, but the Exilis Ultra also tightens the skin for a smoother silhouette, and treats cellulite with ease.

Exilis Ultra uses monopolar radiofrequency heat energy and ultrasound which penetrates into the tissues, stimulating the breakdown of fat and encouraging the remodelling of collagen fibres for skin tightening. It can be used both on the face and the body and is the only device with this combination of technologies for optimum results.

Exilis Ultra – what to expect

The beauty of this treatment is that there is no downtime. You can walk into our clinic, have your treatment and walk out again to continue with your daily activities immediately afterwards.

Each treatment takes around 20 to 30 minutes and is why Exilis Ultra is proving so popular for those with busy lives, as a lunchtime treatment. The procedure is painless, and there is no need for a general or local anaesthetic.

Your results

You may start to experience results after just one session with Exilis Ultra, but at CAREFORSKIN we recommend that between 3 to 6 treatments will offer the most effective, optimum results. Before you undergo a body contouring treatment, you’ll be invited along for a consultation with Dr Syed and her expert team, so that your general health can be assessed as well as your suitability for treatment.

It’s important to remember that Exilis Ultra is for those people with ‘pinchable’ areas of subcutaneous fat and not for overly obese patients. Exilis Ultra is an effective way to reduce unwanted fat and to contour the body, but you should be prepared to maintain your results with a healthy eating plan and taking a moderate to fair amount of exercise to stay fit and healthy. If you eat a poor diet and aren’t active, you will put on weight in either the same, or possibly other areas of the body.

The investment you make in yourself, to maintain the good work we do here at CAREFORSKIN will ensure you enjoy a slimmer, sexier physique with tighter and smoother skin.

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