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Find the Right Practitioner

Non surgical injectables have become increasingly popular, as they become more affordable coupled with the growing culture to look more youthful.  The UK has undergone some scrutiny over the past few years as a result of bad aesthetics practice within the aesthetics industry.

Given the rise of the aesthetics industry over the last decade, choosing the right aesthetic practitioner can be a confusing and complicated choice. With so many treatments and so many clinics offering a range of options, its no wonder that clients face a minefield. Often clients learn through bad personal experience. This also isn’t helped with horror stories in the press and media which do not make finding and choosing the correct qualified, skilled and experienced practitioner an easy task.

Check your Practitioner’s Qualifications

We do not yet have legislation in the UK to prevent non-medical professionals from delivering injectable cosmetic treatments. However to inject anti-wrinkle injections safely and legally, a practitioner will need to be fully trained and hold the appropriate qualifications, as anti-wrinkle injections are a prescription only medication in the UK. Therefore a prescriber can only be a doctor, dentist, pharmacist prescriber or nurse prescriber. Reputable clinics and medi-spas will only employ qualified medical professionals such as doctors and dentists. There are many nurses administering anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers, so we advise that you check that they are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

You may also want to check that your clinician is registered with the General Medical Council(GMC). The GMC is an organisation set up to protect patients and enhance medical education  in the UK.

Also current legislation does not prevent therapists from performing injectable treatments, However it is likely that regulations will be introduced at some point.

Book a Consultation

A detailed consultation before having any aesthetics treatment, is an absolute must. A good practitioner will undergo a full facial in depth assessment, and will discuss a range of options and recommendations. Also, the practitioner will take you medical history and understand your concerns and what your expectations are. A treatment plan should be developed to help you understand how the treatment will be delivered.

Reputable clinics will be able to show you before and after pictures of patients who have previously had treatment, or even put you in touch with patients to get an understanding of their experiences. Video treatments and testimonials might also be available for you to look at the clinics portfolio of treatments and how procedures are administered.

Other Questions to Ask

Ask your practitioner, who will be administrating the injection or treatment. At some clinics it is not always the prescriber, and often it can be a therapist. Ask what options and brands of treatment are available and how long will the results lasts.  You will also want to ask about the risks and and whether to avoid any strenuous activity following the procedure. A good practitioner will always address these questions and listen to your queries and concerns.

An import question which is often missed, is whether the practitioner has medical indemnity insurance so you are protected should the worst happen. Aesthetics treatments are not without risks, so a fully compliant clinic will be insured and registered to protect you from any risks during the treatment.

Follow up Reviews

Post treatment reviews and follows are absolute essential, to ensure that administered treatment has gone to plan and the desired results have been achieve. Furthermore, this is about being accountable and responsible and resolving any problem or side affects which might arise as a result of the procedure. Too often we hear about patients being left with no follow up review post treatment. Ensure that a follow top review is booked and your practitioner addresses any concerns you might have.

What Next?

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