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Anti-Ageing Treatments in Lancashire

We offer a wide range of anti-ageing non surgical treatments for both the face and body. Here a some of our more popular treatments:

Laser Hair Removal

Ditch away the razors and tweezers and get younger looking smoother hair-free skin with our Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal treatment. Our innovative lasers use the latest medically proven technology to treat all skin types.

For further information can be found on our Laser Hair Removal page.

Pigmentation & Thread Vein Removal

Unwanted lesions, sun spots, age spot or freckles can now be treated with painlessly and with no down time. Visit our Pigmentation page to find out more.

Our laser can also treated unsightly leg and facial veins. Visit our Thread Vein page to find out more.

Anti-wrinkle Injections

Keep your face smooth & supple, with our anti-wrinkle injectables. We treat a number with of areas such as forehead lines, crows feet and frown lines between the eyes. Our advanced range of treatments includes:

  • Droopy Jowls
  • Gummy Smile
  • Dimpled Chin
  • Peri-Oral Lipstick Lines
  • Downturned Mouths
  • Neck Lines & Bands

To read more about these treatments, visit our Anti-wrinkle injections page.

Lip & Dermal Fillers

Softening wrinkles, laughter lines, facial lines and wrinkles caused naturally by ageing with dermal fillers for a lifted and contoured look. Dermal Fillers can plumper lips, cheeks and bridge of the nose. They can be used to treat a number of other areas around the forehead, eyes, mouth, chin, neck, décolletage and hands.

To read more about Lip fillers visit our lip fillers page. For other fillers, visit out dermal fillers page.

Fat Loss, Skin Tightening & Intima

Jiggling thighs, saggy necks and flapping upper arms, have been the bane of our busy lives. These are difficult areas to treat and most of us do not want to undergo complicated surgery. Dealing with loose skin and suborn body fat can be de-motivating and difficult at the best of times.  However, now there is a solution for a slim, contoured and tightened body, which is painless, no downtime with our Award Winning Exilis Ultra™ treatment. Read more about this scientifically and clinically proven procedure.

Other Treatments

Doctor Led Anti-Ageing Treatments

All procedures are performed by Dr Sobia Syed who specialises in medical aesthetics. We will perform a in-depth facial assessment during your complentary consultation. Our treatments are bespoked to your needs, and we will always offer you advice in an honest and ethical manner. Remember we are fully registered and insured, and we take safety and duty of care very seriously. With our wealth of experience and expertise, why not book a complementary consultation with Dr Syed and start your journey to younger looking radiant skin.


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