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Laser for Pigmentation

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What is Pigmentation

Our Gold Standard Cynosure Elite+ laser effectively treats pigmentation marks quickly, painlessly, and safely, improving discoloured skin.

Extra melanin in the body results in Hyperpigmentation. This may happen in response to damage from the sun or changes in your hormone levels or may occur as a result of genetics or family history.

The colour of the skin is affected by Skin Pigmentation disorders. Melanin is produced by skin cells. When these cells become damaged and unhealthy, it affects melanin production and you can develop brown spots or age related spots on the skin. Pigmentation areas can often look like freckles or birthmarks depending on how they are laid out on the skin, and can often appear uneven.

Treating Pigmentation

Using our Gold Standard Laser system, light is taken up by the pigment in your skin cells, causing the melanin to rapidly heat up and break down. Once released your body disposes of the waste pigment through its normal processes. This results in minimal discomfort. Typically three to four treatments maybe required. Often results are visible as little as one treatment. Treatment times can vary between 10 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated and type of pigmentation being treated.

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Popular Pigmentation Treatments

Sun spots
Age spots

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